What We do

We provide practical coaching for spokespeople to ensure effective message delivery in all contact with media – as well as competent handling of issues and crisis situations.

All our coaching is personalised, bespoke, and based around a modular system that allows you to design your own session, depending on your most urgent priorities and needs.

We have also developed proprietary coaching tools and techniques that can be tailored to individual needs and preferences, helping spokespeople to articulate and deliver key messages in a characteristic and personable way.

MediaSmart is headed by three senior consultants with experience of delivering best in class strategic, consumer and business to business communications for start-ups, SMEs, blue chips and multinationals operating in today’s fast changing media landscape.

Our Coaching

Introduction to the Modern Media Landscape
How the media operates and what it wants, including key considerations for company communicators and interactive Q&A session.

Key Message Development
How to construct or deconstruct, refine and test your key messages including how and when to refresh.

Key Message Delivery
Practice makes perfect, so our coaches give you the opportunity to tell your story in realistic and relevant media scenarios, with instant playback and analysis.

Issues Management
How to identify, address and resolve issues that may affect your business or organisation, including how to prepare for, and deal with, media interest and enquiries.

Crisis Management
How to survive a media crisis, including the dos and don’ts for all crisis communicators.

Thought Leadership
Our experts can help you transcend from spokesperson to thought leader through both strategic planning and tactical opportunism, as well as highlighting key considerations and watch outs.

Internal Communications
Helping you develop internal communications strategies and plans, including how and when to communicate.

Online Interviews
Make sure you’re prepared for the new way to do interviews during, and beyond, Covid-19.

Our modules typically feature
Broadcast, print and social media considerations, including up-to-date examples of best (and worst) practice, practical exercises and interviews that will engage, test and build confidence.

Our Sectors of expertise

Fmcg/Food And Drink

Our coaches have trained Company and Brand spokespeople and helped them handle media opportunities and crises for some of the world’s biggest food companies and brands, including PepsiCo, GlaxoSmithKline, Pernod Ricard, and General Mills.


We have guided a host of clients – from insurance companies, to leading fashion houses and leisure industry operators – through the increasingly challenging media landscape.


A specialist area of expertise, our coaches have helped a number of operators in this sector to ensure their messaging is right, helping spokespeople to break down complex issues and messages so they deliver the compelling stories that will win the hearts and minds of relevant audiences.

Trade organisations & associations

From preparing spokespeople for a grilling on Newsnight, Watchdog and Panorama, to developing effective communications and crisis management strategies that meet the needs and requirements of all stakeholders, our coaches have worked with a variety of UK trade organisations and associations.

Our People

Simon Mowbray

Simon is an award-winning newspaper and trade media journalist who has advised some of the world’s biggest food and drink companies on how to handle the media, including top executives and spokespeople from Pernod Ricard, PepsiCo, Danone, ABF and General Mills, all of whom have benefited from Simon’s 15 years of experience as a consumer and business writer.

Simon is also a senior public relations consultant, which means that he clearly understands the pressures and challenges facing businesses – and their spokespeople – when communicating with the media.

His crisis management experience is extensive, both as a journalist and as a PR practitioner, covering everything from car industry factory closures, to food scares, BSE and foot and mouth.

Ian Jesnick

Ian Jesnick has advised many well known companies and brands on how to deal with the media, including Asda, TSB, Wellcome and Rank Xerox.

His experience in developing issues and crisis strategies goes back to when Ian was account director for the British Meat industry throughout the BSE and Foot and Mouth disease crises.

He has provided strategic communications consultancy, media training and issues management support to a number of leading businesses and organisations including General Mills, ABF, Pernod Ricard, Northern Foods and The British Soft Drinks Association.

Rob Metcalfe

Rob started working life as a journalist in the Fleet Street, London, office of The Sunday Post, before going on to senior roles in leading business to business media, including as features editor of The Grocer and editor of the drinks trade weekly, Publican.

Now chief executive and co-owner of the UK’s longest established PR agency, Rob’s 25-year PR career has included helping many blue-chip clients hone both media and presentation skills, including Mitsubishi, Cadbury, DuPont, British Meat, and Pernod Ricard.

He is a thought leader and regular contributor to food and drink trade media, who regularly seek his views on a range of subjects from marketing campaigns to crisis management.

Anouska Leon

Anouska is an experienced business development director and has been working within the public relations and communications industry for nearly a decade, helping organisations, brands and individuals fulfil their communications requirements.

Dylan Patel

Dylan is a social and digital media expert. Online crises can often take on a life of their own, and controlling them can feel like you’re chasing your own tail. With almost a decade of experience building and implementing robust social media strategies for household brands and organisations, along with an approach that comes from working within PR/Comms agencies, Dylan is as passionate about equipping teams to prevent crises as he is about tackling them head on when they occur.

He is responsible for the MediaSmart social media module and ensuring that online crises are handled effectively and responsibly.

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It all starts with you telling us what you need and want via our online coaching specification form.

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