Are your media spokespeople Brexit Bullet Proof?

As experienced media spokespeople will know only too well, a classic device for avoiding difficult questions is the ‘bridge’ – or how we get from A to B without seeming too evasive. Acknowledge the question, but then bridge to where you want to go, not where the interviewer wants to – it’s text book media training, isn’t it?

Indeed, it is a tactic most frequently deployed when a particular issue can threaten to hijack even the best planned interview.

Brexit has been the elephant in the room for some time now. But as the next, and supposedly defining deadline looms, it is clear that however this plays out, spokespeople will increasingly need to be prepared to deal head on with questions relating to the impact it will have on their companies and organisations – as well as offering insights, solutions and restoring confidence to a Brexit weary nation.

Indeed, as we are already seeing from the exasperation with which our politicians are being met by both voters and the media, patience is running out and the ‘bridge’ is no longer satisfying an increasingly twitchy audience.

So post 29th March (or whenever a deal is finally done) it will be those companies and organisations that are ready to meet head on the myriad questions that media, employees, and customers will undoubtedly have that are most likely to negotiate the fallout most effectively.

Let’s be clear about one thing – no one will be expecting you to have all the answers from day one.

But by showing that you have at least some answers – and are thinking hard about those you don’t have – you might just be putting yourself at a significant competitive advantage.

Much of the work can be done now, it’s just a case of knowing where to look.

Here’s a good starting place: