Online Media Interviews Training Module: ‘New media rules of engagement’ during & after Cov …

MediaSmart, the distinctive personalised approach to helping spokespeople consider and prepare for all types of communication and engagement, has updated its offer to include a new Online Media Interviews training module. The move follows a step change in the rules... Read more »

Media Training people who don’t want media training

We have trained an eclectic variety of people who have to speak to and through the media on behalf of their organisations or companies. Broadly speaking, these can be categorised into three groups, two of which do not think they... Read more »

When it’s right to shout ‘YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS’

When British number one tennis player Johanna Konta – ranked the 15th best player in the world following this year’s Wimbledon tournament – suffered an agonising defeat in her Wimbledon Quarter-Final against the now world number 32 Barbora Strycova last... Read more »

Audience First and Last

Spokespeople tend to start planning what they want to say in a media interview by focusing on what they believe they need or are obliged to tell the audience. This is fine if all they are really concerned about is... Read more »

Why media coaching is the new media training

Media Training has been around for years, and spokespeople from organisations and companies are usually happy to learn or be reminded about how to deliver key messages, handle issues and survive an interview during a crisis. Whilst most of the... Read more »

MediaSmart Celebrates Successful Launch with Top Feedback from First Clients

MediaSmart, a distinctive personalised approach to advanced media training, helping spokespeople consider and prepare for all types of communication and engagement, is celebrating a successful launch after receiving a clean sweep of top-rate feedback from its first clients. Launched by... Read more »

Why a stand-up comedian is the spokesperson’s role model

The ability of spokespeople to deliver key messages in a way that stimulates the best quality coverage and engagement is an important part of any communications strategy but as companies and organisations are only too aware when creating their strategies,... Read more »

Are your media spokespeople Brexit Bullet Proof?

As experienced media spokespeople will know only too well, a classic device for avoiding difficult questions is the ‘bridge’ – or how we get from A to B without seeming too evasive. Acknowledge the question, but then bridge to where... Read more »

Smug is not a good look for politicians

It ought to be a brilliant time to launch a new political movement. Pretty much every commentator has spent the last two years highlighting popular dissatisfaction with our politicians, our parties and the system that sustains them. We are supposedly,... Read more »

MediaSmart Launches Bespoke Media Coaching for Smart Spokespeople

MediaSmart, a distinctive personalised approach helping spokespeople consider and prepare for all types of communication and engagement, has been launched by three experienced media trainers who are also hands-on strategic communication consultants. The new service offers clients the opportunity to... Read more »