Online Media Interviews Training Module: ‘New media rules of engagement’ during & after Cov …

MediaSmart, the distinctive personalised approach to helping spokespeople consider and prepare for all types of communication and engagement, has updated its offer to include a new Online Media Interviews training module.

The move follows a step change in the rules of engagement for spokespeople with news organisations of all shapes and sizes during and after Covid-19.

“We have seen a huge change in the way that spokespeople are being asked to engage with media, from the new opportunities and challenges presented by doing video interviews live on TV, to video becoming the new norm for many print journalists too,” explains MediaSmart consultant Simon Mowbray.

“We have already moved quickly to help spokespeople navigate these changes and have now designed a special module to help spokespeople from across the spectrum prepare themselves for this new reality, which we expect to endure long beyond the current situation.”

MediaSmart’s bespoke module can be adapted to help spokespeople focus on the kind of video interviews that they are most likely to be engaged in, covering everything from the basics of how to engage with media, to the more technical aspects of preparing for broadcast interviews from home.

Preparing spoken and visual content that is most relevant to audiences is also a key focus.

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